When I was 13 my mom taught me calligraphy. She learned the art from the nuns in her convent school as a child. It is definitely in the blood. After addressing envelopes for a few friends weddings I decided to get serious. Over the years I have studied calligraphy with some of the world's most renowned scribes. Including White House Calligrapher Pat Blair and American Master Penman Michael R Sull. I am a member of the Society of Scribes in New York City. I love learning about the history and artistry of calligraphy and sharing that with world.  

I live in New York city with my husband, my 2 school age kids and all my calligraphy and art supplies! After the kids are asleep, I can be found at my desk, writing away into the wee hours. 

Any event, no matter how small, can be made more special with custom calligraphy. From weddings to dinner parties, milestone birthdays to anniversaries. Inky Fingers can make your event, your gift, your invitations unique and memorable.



Tools of the Trade

These are some of my favorite tools I use everyday to create custom pieces just for you!